The Humber Aquaculture Partnership (HAP)

Project Aim: Multi-species aquaculture site

The Humber Aquaculture Partnership (HAP) is a two-year project funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and is located on the Humber Estuary at Spurn Point. The Partnership is the collaboration between the University of Hull and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust with the project aim of developing a multi-species aquaculture site including; mussels, razor clams, seaweed and native oysters. The development of the site and facilities will support the professional development of fisheries and marine biology students through undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. Several research themes will be developed investigating the impact of sustainable aquaculture on the surrounding species richness and biodiversity as well as growth, survival and the reproductive potential of the cultured species throughout the project.

The initial phase of the project will be the installation and monitoring of 5 oyster trestles, 12 stakes (bouchots) and 200 razor tubes. If the pilot project is successful, the second phase will see an increase of 60 oyster trestles with a long-term plan of re-introduction of native oyster populations along the Humber.

Project name

The Humber Aquaculture Partnership (HAP)

Project contact

Daniel Cowing
[email protected]