Native Oyster Reef Restoration Ireland (NORRI)

Project Aim: Species restoration

In order to reinforce the local community’s initiative to restore their historic oyster beds in Wicklow County, Arklow coastal area, Stephen Kavanagh and Anamarija Frankić established the Native Oyster Reef Restoration Ireland (, supported by Wicklow County Council.

The main goal is to restore native oyster population (Ostrea edulis) and their reef habitats along the east coast. NORRI’s educational and outreach activities will take place at the Biomimicry LivingLabs®️ selected sites in Wicklow County and Arklow harbor, including the first outdoor aquarium that will serve as an outdoor classroom.

NORRI proposes the integrated, biomimetic habitat restoration by actively restoring oyster reefs together with macro algae kelp habitat restoration efforts along the east coast. NORRI has identified a potentially suitable pilot oyster restoration site at the Murrough salt marsh. NORRI intends to restore the missing oyster reef habitats together with historical kelp forests and their associated biodiversity, which used to thrive together in the Irish Sea.

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Project Co-Founders

Prof. Anamarija Frankić, Ph.D.,

Stephen Kavangh,